Paranormal investigation
Group investigates the paranormal at the
The Little Red Schoolhouse was investigated for
paranormal activity in September 2008.  The investigation,
conducted by
Alliance Ghost Hunters of Jersey City, NJ,
picked up an electronic voice phenomenon that sounded
like a whimper and the camera moved suddenly during the
investigation after Lead Investigator Matthew Heise asked
where a female apparition was spotted. The team believes
that there was paranormal activity present. Details about
the investigation were published in the September 17
edition of
The South Bergenite.
Right - Lead Investigator Matthew
Heise presents the team's findings at
the Lyndhurst Historical Society's
September 17 meeting.
Left - Matthew Heise shows
Lyndhurst Historical Society
President Sylvia Kleff how the
stationary camera moved
suddenly and faced the
Schoolhouse's stove after he
asked a fellow investigator
where people reported seeing a
female apparition.